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About Us

GORKEM Cons. Co. is an engineering and general contracting company based in ANKARA / TURKEY.

The specific subjects of interest of GORKEM are;

* Infrastructure Projects,
* Water & wastewater Projects,
* Building Projects,
* Energy Projects,
* Industrial Projects,
* Construction material manufacturing and industry,
* Grain Silos,
* Other industrial and process facilities

GORKEM is well known for being the pioneers of overseas construction works of Turkish Construction Industry, and has completed numerous prestigious projects in the Middle East and Central Asian countries.

GORKEM partners were partners and executive managers of BMB/GORKEM Const. and BIMHOL Const. both of which had contracted and completed various projects in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which projects had been managed by GORKEM Partners.

The Company has highly experienced administrative and engineering staff with a readily available qualified workers in different fields of execution. The efforts of those skilled engineers, technicians and workers helped the Company to complete the projects in a very short period of time and gain an international acceptance for timely and high quality execution.

In this respect GORKEM had executed a number of prestigious projects in Iraq.
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